The investment world is full of options. Our vision is that everyone should have a part of their assets invested in another currency and under another jurisdiction, in a country other than where they reside. Only then can we achieve true diversification.

EFS offers a line of financial products designed to protect your assets and offer good income potential, using large companies and asset managers from the international financial world.

With top managers and companies, we can offer platforms with diversity in currencies and opportunities that may be difficult to find in your home country.

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Every investor has a few things in common: They seek diversification, protection, top-tier institutions, zero risk of institution breakdown and good opportunities for gain. For those who do not even accept market risk, we also have guaranteed and fixed income options.

Another important detail is the possibility of starting a savings plan, in dollars, with small amounts. Many customers start their retirement or their child’s educational plan with USD500 per month. Others want to diversify and protect assets they already have.

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When we talk about investments, some people immediately think of market fluctuations and think of the risks attributed to investing in funds, stocks, etc.
An personalized needs analysis is essential to financial planning. The needs of a 30 year old client who wants to plan for his retirement is very different from the needs of a 60 year old client who just wants to diversify and protect his/her assets

To meet the different profiles and needs, we have:

  • Fixed income plans (with guaranteed fixed returns)
  • Plans with excellent return potentials and some even guarantee part of your capital.
  • Plans that, in addition to protecting the invested capital, also have a minimum return guarantee.

Our consultants will be able recommend the appropriate strategy for your financial planning.

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We have a lot of demand for plans with smaller contributions to create a retirement account or to prepare for child’s college expenses. For this, we offer long-term solutions – 10, 15, 20 years.

With these solutions you can contribute – for example – $ 500 per month. In the last few years we have used investments that have their earnings based on the S&P 500

In addition to good earnings, our plans have some protections such as minimum returns and the possibility of listing a beneficiary.

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You can have an investment plan similar to ‘Private Banking’ with $ 75,000 or more. In this type of account you have no commitment to continue contributing, you can do it when you want and only if you want. With this structure we will have access to a global investment and open architecture, which means that you will have access to stocks, funds, structured notes, ETFs, etc.

These accounts can be actively managed, with clear reports and constant monitoring. They can be designed so that they focus on growth or only on protecting assets. Always using top-tier institutions and succession planning.

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Access to the Best Fund Managers Worldwide


To plan your future and protect your assets.